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HB14-1013 Advanced Industries Workforce Development Program Lee, Foote Todd

The bill creates the advanced industries workforce development program in the Colorado office of economic development (office). The purpose of the program is to allow the office to reimburse a business for one-half of its expenses related to a qualifying internship or apprenticeship. A qualifying internship or apprenticeship is one that:

  • Is in an advanced industry;
  • Is for at least 160 hours and that lasts less than one year;
  • Allows students to gain valuable work experience in at least 3 specified occupational areas;
  • Pays the intern or apprentice a stipend...
  • Postponed Indefinitely
    HB14-1023 Social Workers For Juveniles Lee Ulibarri

    Juvenile Defense Attorney Interim Committee. The state public defender may hire social workers to assist in defending juvenile defendants. Any report prepared by such a social worker and submitted to the court by the juvenile's attorney shall be considered as evidence in the proper disposition of the juvenile's case.

    Signed into law
    HB14-1079 Monetary Amount Limited Offering Securities Lee Zenzinger

    Section 1 of the bill increases the monetary amount allowed under the limited offering registration procedure in the "Colorado Securities Act" from $1,000,000 within a 12-month period to $5,000,000 within a 12-month period.

    Signed into law
    HB14-1082 Life Insurance Notice Of Cancellation Lee Tochtrop

    The bill specifies that cancellation of a life insurance policy is valid only if the cancellation is for reasons allowed by law. The insurer must send a written notice of cancellation and the reason for the cancellation at least 30 days before the effective date of the cancellation of the individual life insurance policy. The notice must be mailed by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, or delivered to the last-known address of the policy owner, and the insurer must retain proof of mailing for 5 years. The bill also authorizes these notices of cancellation to be...

    Signed into law
    HB14-1083 Acute Treatment Units Stock Medications Lee Crowder

    Acute treatment units (ATU) provide medically supervised behavioral health treatment services to individuals who suffer from psychiatric disorders. Current law does not allow an ATU to have an onsite stock of medications. The bill allows an ATU to procure, store, order, dispense, and administer prescription medications and to receive a supply of emergency kits or starter doses from a registered prescription drug outlet or licensed hospital for patient treatment.

    Signed into law
    SB14-027 Judicial Dept Background Checks Lee Guzman

    The bill requires a fingerprint-based criminal history background check for a law license applicant and a child and family investigator. The bill updates the license to practice law statute.

    Signed into law
    SB14-156 Public Benefit Corp Must File Annual Reports Lee Kefalas, Heath

    The bill requires public benefit corporations to file an annual report.

    Signed into law
    SB14-163 Clean-up SB13-250 Drug Sentencing Lee, DelGrosso Steadman, King

    Last year, the general assembly adopted SB13-250, which created a new sentencing structure for drug crimes. The bill makes clarifying and conforming changes to the statutes based on last year's legislation.

    Signed into law
    SB14-212 Clean-up Bail Bond Statutes Lee Ulibarri

    Last year, the general assembly adopted Senate Bill 13-1236, which recodified the procedures related to bail bond. The bill makes clarifying and conforming changes to the statutes based on last year's legislation.

    Signed into law