HB17-1344 - Innovative Teacher Preparation Pilot Programs

Postponed Indefinitely
Concerning measures to support innovative teacher preparation programs.

The bill creates the innovative teacher preparation program (program) in the department of education (department). In implementing the program, the department will create a system to collect data concerning teacher preparation programs and create multiple pilot programs to support and investigate innovative approaches to teacher preparation and teacher induction, identify effective strategies, and share best practices among local education providers, alternative teacher programs, and institutions of higher education. The commissioner of education will convene a volunteer advisory committee that includes representatives from institutions of higher education, alternative teacher programs, and local education providers to assist the department in implementing the program. The department will share the data it collects and best practices it identifies through the program with local education providers, alternative teacher programs, and institutions of higher education.

Beginning in January 2018, the department will prepare an annual report concerning implementation of the program, including reporting on the effectiveness of the pilot programs. The department must submit the report to the state board of education, the Colorado commission on higher education, the executive director of the department of higher education, the governor's office, and the education committees of the general assembly.

The program will be funded by gifts, grants, and donations as well as any money the general assembly may appropriate to the program, which may include an appropriation from the state education fund. A local education provider, alternative teacher program, or institution of higher education may also make in-kind contributions for the operation of the pilot programs.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)


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05/08/2017 - House Committee on Education Postpone Indefinitely
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