SB16-082 - HOA Whisteblower Protection

Postponed Indefinitely
Concerning The Prohibition Of Retaliatory Action Against A Homeowner By The Homeowners' Association To Which The Homeowner Belongs.

The bill prohibits a homeowners' association or other person from retaliating or discriminating against a homeowner who files a complaint; otherwise acts in furtherance of a complaint, report, or investigation of an alleged violation of the "Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act" (CCIOA) or a legally enforceable document created under the CCIOA; or exercises or attempts to exercise any right as a homeowner.

Latest update: March 2, 2016
03/02/2016 Senate Committee on Business, Labor, & Technology Postpone Indefinitely
02/10/2016 Senate Committee on Business, Labor, & Technology Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
01/19/2016 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Business, Labor, & Technology