HB16-1401 - Retail Food Establishment Licensure & Inspection

Passed/Signed into Law
Concerning The Regulation Of Retail Food Establishments.

Section 2 of the bill increases annual license fees for retail food establishments, phasing in the increase over the next 3 years, at minimum; creates a new fee category for retail food establishments that sell a limited range of specified foods; and limits the annual license fee exemption to certain specified entities. Section 2 also prohibits a county from spending the increased revenue from the fee increase on anything other than retail food health-related activities.

Section 3 of the bill requires the department of public health and environment (CDPHE) to create a uniform system to communicate health inspection results to the public and sets limitations on the development of the uniform system.

Section 4 requires CDPHE to attain certain targets, including significant statewide compliance with the federal food and drug administration's voluntary national retail food regulatory program standards. To reach these targets, the bill requires CDPHE to audit certain local public health agencies and requires local public health agencies to audit CDPHE in certain situations.

Section 5 decreases the maximum period of suspension of a license or certificate of license from 6 months to one month, except in cases of closure due to an imminent health hazard. Section 5 also permits CDPHE and a county or district board of health to issue a cease-and-desist order if a person or licensee has been issued a civil penalty and remains in noncompliance.

Latest update: June 9, 2016
06/09/2016 Governor Became Law
05/05/2016 Sent to the Governor
05/05/2016 Signed by the President of the Senate
05/05/2016 Signed by the Speaker of the House
04/28/2016 Senate Third Reading Passed with Amendments - Floor
04/27/2016 Senate Second Reading Special Order - Passed with Amendments - Floor
04/25/2016 Senate Committee on Business, Labor, & Technology Refer Unamended to Senate Committee of the Whole
04/20/2016 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Business, Labor, & Technology
04/08/2016 House Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
04/07/2016 House Second Reading Passed - No Amendments
04/05/2016 House Committee on Business Affairs and Labor Refer Unamended to House Committee of the Whole
03/24/2016 Introduced In House - Assigned to Business Affairs and Labor