HB12-1093 - Replace Defective Home Appliances

Postponed Indefinitely
Concerning The Right Of An Insured Homeowner To Have A Defective Appliance Replaced As Part Of An Insurance Subrogation Action To Recover Damages To A Dwelling Unit Caused By A Defective Appliance.

This bill adds provisions to the "Colorado Consumer Protection Act" to require as part of a homeowner's insurance subrogation action to recover damages to a dwelling unit caused by a defective appliance that was purchased new and used for less than 5 years and where damages sought exceed $5,000, that the final judgement in the case, if the insurer prevails, or the final settlement of the case, include provision for replacement of the defective appliance, unless the insured homeowner in writing waives total replacement of the defective appliance.

Latest update: January 26, 2012
01/26/2012 House Committee on Economic and Business Development Postpone Indefinitely
01/17/2012 Introduced In House - Assigned to Economic and Business Development